What gets me out of bed?
Using and protecting the earth’s resources more carefully and consciously

I work as a freelance project coordinator for projects around sustainability, social impact and nature’s well-being (nature and the earth’s resources, that’s also humans by the way 😉 )

I live a slow and aligned life (and can still feel rushed in this society despite that)

I like to slow down but sometimes also love to speed things up and go on adventures

I like to inspire to do it just a little bit different and unconventional – I secretly call myself a serene rebel. So I write, sometimes a lot, sometimes little, around working and living more consciously.


Who am I?

My name is Sophie Dierickx, solo entrepreneur since January 2018 and lovin’it. My skills: coordinating, numbers, structuring, listening, being present, holding space.

My professional passion is to work in a conscious, sustainable, ethical and aligned way.

My personal interests: hiking, being in nature, personal development, communication, conscious consumption, healthy eating and minimalistic living.

The values I integrate into my life as much as possible are freedom, honesty, awareness, depth and effortlessness.

My most recent blogs (in dutch only…)