freelance project coordinator

Do you have a project with a mission originated from a heart’s desire to make the world a better place? A project around sustainable and/or social change and impact?


Are you looking for someone with strong coordination, financial and/or IT skills with the necessary dose of sensitivity to help support and realise your project?


My heart warms to organisations/projects working on
nature’s well-being, organic food, alternative living, conscious consumption, alternative economy and personal development.


I feel fulfilled and energised to use my talents and be of service for something I believe in myself.


I would be delighted to help you and your project
Hi, my name is Sophie Dierickx. I am a freelancer with extensive experience in project coordination, IT, financial and administrative support and I like to use these skills together with focus and drive for endeavors that soulfully want to be brought into this world.
How can I help you?

➳ Coordinate a small to medium-sized project or event

➳ Design achievable plans with good time management

➳ Establish clarity out of chaos and crisis

➳ Create financial overviews and budgets

➳ Structure, digest and organise information

➳ Challenge decision making processes so that the best choices are achieved

➳ Shape, simplify or improve workflows and systems

➳ Approach and communicate with sensitivity and softness

Do you have a project you would like my support for?

Let’s start by getting to know each other. You introduce the project to me, we get to know each other a bit better in an initial conversation and feel if there is a match.

If you would like to schedule an introductory meeting, send an e-mail to or a text/whatsapp to +32 486 63 48 23.

Practicalities and logistics:

I am at my best in project-based assignments. The duration is preferably min. 3 months and may also last several years. I am available for projects from 4 hours a week up to 15 hours a week. I work mainly online as I reside both in Belgium and abroad. I usually take a couple of weeks off during winter time and six weeks off during summer time. And it is worth mentioning that I would be happy to deviate from the above framework for those projects I feel an exceptionally deep connection with and commitment to.

Want to know even more?

Below you can also read more about my skills, IT programs I master, current or most recent work experiences, my fondest memories of previous projects and my education.

Concise info can be found in my cv.


➳ Strongly connected with my rational side as well as my emotional side

➳ Quick at creating an overview and insight into what needs to be done

➳ Bridge between technical IT language and understandable language

➳ Good with numbers, financial statements and budgets

➳ Empathic listening and connecting communication

➳ Accurate, efficient and solution-oriented

➳ Creating structure, clarity and focus

➳ Educational skills

➳ Calm presence

➳ Quick learner


➳ Microsoft Word

➳ Microsoft Excel

➳ WordPress

➳ Zapier

➳ Calendly

➳ Active Campaign

➳ Youtube

➳ Cashaca

➳ Adminpulse

➳ Microsoft Dynamics 365

And I learn fast so also master new software and platforms in no time.


GoodPlanet: project coordinator for Big Jump – creating and follow-up of budget, preparing subsidies files, communicating with partners, recruiting and coordinating the local organisors, preparing a communication plan to recruit local organisors and participants, organising the national/regional Big Jump and accompanying press event – annual national event where local organisers/municipalities organise a jump into their local river to raise awareness about the water quality – environmental sector

37 graden: project officer at “Nutcrackers” – SPOC person for a region of social workshops, coordinating the logistics, processing national data for tracking use – a project to create employment opportunities for people distanced from the labour market by having citizens (volunteers) collect nuts, which are then cracked in social workshops and pressed into various products to be sold to the public – social economy sector

GoodPlanet: project coordinator – restructuring the project, creating and follow-up of budget, communicating with partners, processing data, preparing a communication plan to recruit schools – mobile phone recycling in schools for the use of urban mining – environmental sector

Besides my freelance activities, I occasionally write blogs to share about my lifestyle that is just that little bit different. I like to inspire the use of time at a more natural rhythm. I also like to share my knowledge on how to better manage your finances.


My first work experience was at Nuon where I was in the complaints team. I was super good at making account statements and was always able to make it clear to customers which payments were settled with what. When they started making an automatic tool for such an account statement, I was the intermediary between the employees who were going to work with it and the developer. Later, I also trained all employees to use the new tool.


During my second degree, I founded a student association with some friends and fellow students. As vice-president, I helped prepare and lead meetings. I interacted with the other team members and made sure everyone felt comfortable in the group and was in the right place in terms of function. I helped monitor the overview of what needed to be done and when, and who was responsible for it.


After my studies, I often went to Nepal for longer periods of six months for several years. There, I first volunteered at KAT Centre. In 2013, we set up a NPO to do annual projects in a particular district of Kathmandu to improve the welfare of street dogs and raise awareness among the local population. I enjoyed preparing and coordinating on the ground and learned an awful lot from it.


My last experience as “an employee” was at a dental practice. Here, I was able to be a nice bridge between the needs and concerns of the manager and the dental assistants. Paying attention to everyone’s needs, I helped coordinate and devise solutions. Furthermore, I regularly put together the sometimes complicated puzzle of making the hourly schedules for the dental assistants, again in coordination with the preferences of the dentists and assistants.


2007 – 2011

University of Antwerp • Master social and economical sciences

2001 – 2005

Educational Faculty Amsterdam • Mathematics teacher training